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5 Ways Brexit Will Affect Travel to England

5 Ways Brexit Will Affect Travel To England

England recently faced a tough decision. Do they stay in the European Union or do they strike out on their own? Known as Brexit, the vote was put to the citizens. Each side had their own arguments. Ultimately, the decision was put to a vote and the results are in. England is to leave the European Union. So what does this decision mean for your travel to the country now?

1. Better Exchange Rate

Immediately following the Brexit decision, the value of the British pound in comparison to the United States dollar dropped significantly. As of early July, one pound is worth $1.30 USD. What that means for you as a traveler is that your money will, for now, go further in England. You, as a tourist, will be able to purchase more, be it food, souvenirs or admission to tourist attractions.

2. Cheaper Flights

Plane ticket prices from the United States to England have declined, at least for the time being. Some airlines are currently offering sales. Many of the current discounts in airfare are due to the fact that fewer Brits are flying. In an effort to increase revenue, or at least keep revenues what they are expecting, airlines are dropping prices to fill seats back to England.

Flights between England and other European countries however, could face some changes. Prices may increase, as the value of the pound has declined. England will also need to negotiate new agreements for flights over the European countries that do not belong to the European Union. These new agreements could also lead to changed routes as well as delayed flights. Any currently scheduled flights should be checked frequently to ensure plans won’t need to be changed.

3. More Affordable Vacation Packages

As flight costs decrease so too may vacation packages. The travel industry is lowering prices to entice visitors to England. Tourism companies have an excellent opportunity to make great deals with flights and hotels, creating affordable packages that will entice Americans to travel across the pond.

4. New Border Rules

Americans are still required to have a passport to travel to England; there will be no changes to that rule. Potential border issues are more likely to affect Europeans, most noticeably at the border between Northern Ireland (which belongs to England) and the Republic of Ireland (which is still part of the European Union). Before the Brexit, travel between the two areas was unrestricted, but now restrictions could be enforced.

5. Potential for Attack

Any major shift in politics or economy, especially one that causes major issues in the country, significantly increases the risk of terrorism. Big, international events are most notably at risk to be targeted. Although no threats have yet been made, a warning has already been given to United States travelers. Caution is advised when traveling during times that events such as the Tour de France or the soccer championship are taking place. Should a threat be made, your scheduled flights could be delayed or even canceled.

Thought Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet (and may not yet happen for another couple of years), it has already started to affect not only England but travel to England as well. Currently, as an American, the dollar is worth more and you can get cheaper flights, though warnings have been issued. Keep your eye on the news as things could continue to change before a final outcome is set.

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