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The 6 Elements of Successful Product Launch

Elements of a Successful Product Launch

No matter the size of your company, it’s possible to host an exciting product launch that energizes your stakeholders, your employees and consumer base all at the same time. With the right planning, the right focus, intentional research and a killer product, it’s possible for your company to launch a new product with a tremendous amount of success. Here are the six core elements of a successful product launch for you to implement to ensure that your launch does your product—and your company— justice.

#1. Prepare Way in Advance

Simply put, you need to have a well thought out concrete plan in place long before you launch your product. This includes sufficiently getting the word out that the product launch is even happening—not just sending out a press release announcing the arrival of your new product to the market. It’s critical that you pinpoint and involve key influencers in your industry, which includes industry experts, loyal customers, and people with significant online followings. Build relationships with them to drum up anticipation for your launch.

#2. Build Mystery and Suspense

Release as few details about your product as possible to maintain mystery about the product but just info enough to build up suspense and anticipation. This involves crafting the right messaging to effectively keep the full details of your product safe while still getting your consumers excited.

#3. Have a Killer Social Media Plan

One key way of building that mystery is using social media. The goal of using social media for your product launch is grab people’s interest without giving too much away. Experiment with Facebook teasers (“Coming Soon!”), behind-the-scenes glimpses (whether photo or video) and special email lists that encourage people to sign-up for more updates. Implement a catchy hashtag so that attendees can use it when they attend the launch. Also remember to take videos at the event so you have an online presence

#4. It’s About the People, Not the Product

Product launch experts will tell you that some of the most successful product launches tailor their messaging and communication about the product to how it will benefit the people who will use it. Talking about product specs is all well and good, but your focus should first and foremost be on the people. When you can appeal to them on an emotional level in that regard, you’ll see greater success.

#5. Make It a Big Deal

Again, your product launch is about so much more than just sending out a press release or publishing a blog post. Make it a show! Put someone with charisma on the stage and plan out strategic messaging—take it seriously and your customers will take it seriously, too. Give your product and your company the fanfare it deserves.

#6. Take Pre-Orders

If relevant, taking pre-orders is another effective way to reel in your already captivated audience and to reward them for attending the product launch. Maybe consider free downloads of your product, trial periods, demos, etc. Give people a chance to feel exclusive and special for getting to try out the product before anyone else.

Product launches can be daunting endeavors to undertake alone. Fortunately, MTI Events specializes in taking your product launch to the next level. Here at MTI Events we have helped companies in a wide variety of industries plan and implement strategic and effective product launches that make sure the event is a success on many different levels.