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4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Incentive Travel Destination


A travel incentive program for employees is most effective when it’s designed to suit its audience. The travel destination must appeal to all your team members. It should offer activities that create an unforgettable experience for each employee. Of course, it must also be within your budget.

4 Factors to Consider When Picking an Incentive Travel Destination

Before you pick a destination for your travel reward program, here are a few things to consider:

1. Team Demographics

When planning an incentive trip, you should first think about your team demographics. Does your team consist of people in their mid- to late-20s or older? Is your staff an adventurous bunch or a quiet, reserved group? Do your team members have common interests?

If your team mainly consists of sport-loving and adventurous twenty-somethings, you could arrange a reward trip to a ski resort.

If your staff is an older, more reserved group of history lovers, a holiday in a historic city like Athens in Greece might be more enticing.

The industry your company belongs to may serve as another clue to selecting the right travel destination for your team. Say, your travel reward program is for your automotive company. Your team will probably feel excited about a trip to Dubai, where they can have a Formula 1 experience at Dubai Autodome.

2. Activities

With your team demographic in mind, shop for a destination that offers a variety of fun, interesting activities. The activities should showcase the location and serve as a highly positive experience for your employees. Also, make sure the activities are safe – after all, injuries will not only dampen your team’s holiday spirit and can also be costly for you.

3. Accommodations

You should also select hotels and resorts with your employees’ profiles in mind. Are they top-performing salespeople who travel often? Or are they young employees who probably like resorts with a lively nightlife? No matter your choice of accommodation, it should offer a top of the line experience.

4. Past Incentive Travel Experiences

Before making a final decision on your next incentive travel destination, it’s wise to look at feedback from past trips. See which trips went well and which didn’t. If certain destinations have proven a smashing success, you might want to consider somewhere similar. For instance, you could pick Prague after successful reward trips to historic cities like Athens and Rome.

On the other hand, if your employees already experienced several trips to coastal resorts, and their feedback on those trips wasn’t that spectacular, you might want to try something different this year. Perhaps, a winter destination or an adventure in the mountains would do the trick this time.

In addition to these factors, make sure to budget for last-minute changes and other contingencies. Remember, your goal for incentive trips is to reward your top-performing employees with a stress-free and memorable holiday — one that motivates them to stay efficient and productive at work.

If you need more help in creating a custom travel incentive program for your employees, click below to get in touch with MTI Events today.