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Corporate Team-Building Activities That Employees Will Actually Enjoy


The mention of corporate team-building activities is likely to draw some groans from your team (no matter how hard they try to hide their emotions).

Team-building is important. A recent study by the Kenexa Research Institute found that companies with highly engaged employees achieve twice the net annual income of companies whose employees lag behind on engagement. But not all team-building activities are created alike and lead to higher engagement.

Almost everyone in the workforce has had to sit through some pretty dull attempts to encourage teamwork and communication. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about here. We’re going to instead look at how to get it right, with team-building exercises and activities that are a little outside of the box. In fact, your team might even think they were pretty cool.

7 Corporate Team-Building Activities that Aren’t a Drag

Corporate team-building, when it goes well, can transform how a team works together. It can make your employees more comfortable with their colleagues and break down the communication barriers that might be holding them back.

We highly suggest you take these team-building activities outside of the office. A change of scenery can help your team loosen up even more. You can choose to put some of these activities on the itinerary during an incentive travel trip or throw a special outdoor event centered specifically around team-building.

1. Check Out a Ropes Course


This is an all-day activity that is ideal for team-building. Ropes courses usually consist of high and low elements. Low elements, as you could have probably guessed take place near the ground and high elements are usually constructed in trees or made of utility poles.

The key to this outing is to inspire encouragement. Everyone will need to stay positive and encourage their peers to complete the course.
Note: People who are scared of heights don’t have to be left out. They can have just as much fun doing the activities near the ground.

2. Tell Campfire Stories


This is a great activity for retreats and inventive trips. Have your team gather around (hopefully a fire) and share funny work experiences. They can share stories that involve your current company or experiences they had with another employer. Sharing campfire stories can help facilitate team bonding and you will hear some pretty hilarious things that you likely had no idea occured.

3. Become Award-winning Filmmakers


You may not be in the movie industry, but that doesn’t mean that your team can’t try their hand at filmmaking!

Divide employees into teams and task them with making a movie. You can give them a specific theme or let them choose their own. They can use their phones or personal cameras to film and edit the video they took, it doesn’t have to be perfect by any means. Then host your own ‘Movie Awards’ and give out small Oscar-Esque statues for different categories like funniest script, best actor or actress, best editing, etc.

4. Hit the Trails on ATVs


Have a few adrenaline junkies in your office? Have a few people who haven’t embraced their adrenaline junkie yet? ATV riding might be something to look into. This activity is fast, loud and full of fun. The best thing about taking to the trails on ATVs? If you can’t take your entire office on an exotic incentive trip, an ATV experience is likely available near you.

5. Level Up with Ziplining


We said that these ideas weren’t a drag! Ziplining may seem a bit extreme, but it is a great team-building activity. New experiences tend to increase creativity and can show your employees that it is sometimes good to step outside of their comfort zones. They will also find support in one another as they prepare to fly through the trees. If you have employees who are terrified of heights, encourge them to try, but don’t push them too hard. They can be a part of the cheering section!

6. Laugh Out Loud with The Game of Possibilities

This activity can be used for large or smaller teams and if you are unable to get out of the office, this could become a part of your Monday morning meeting. It’s hard to be unengaged when you’re asked to think creatively. As such, this short game can be an easy way to open the team up and get them in a good move. Choose an object in the room then have someone demonstrate a use for the object that is out of the norm, without speaking. Not only can people come up with rather odd and unique uses, but it also gets them thinking creatively about problems, which can translate very well to the workforce.

7. Play The Human Knot Game

This is a great one to play at the company picnic because it doesn’t take up too much time. Divide the group up into teams of 8-10 and have everyone stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder with one another. First, they reach out with their right hand to take the first hand they find. Then, they do the same with their left hand, but in a different direction. Set a time limit for the group for them to untangle the knot without letting go of one another’s hands. This is a particularly fun way to challenge their ability to communicate under pressure and can end up with some rather bizarre jumbles of people that everyone can have a laugh over.

Which Team Building-Activity is the Best Fit for Your Crew?

Having a good idea of company culture and choosing the corporate team building activities that match it is a good way to ensure a fun time for all. But choosing ones that are fun isn’t just for the benefit of the participants. A better sense of belonging, more engagement with the team and company, and improved communication and collaboration across the board are all things that good team building activities really contribute to.

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