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How to Pick a Keynote Speaker

Tips for Choosing a Keynote Speaker

When it comes to your event, you want everything to be perfect. You have chosen a great venue and the food you know is excellent. So, what about your keynote speaker? The person you choose to give your keynote speech can make or break your event, even when everything else is on point. The keynote sets the tone of your event and brings everyone together into the same mindset. How do you find the right person to make your event a complete success?

What is the Theme of Your Meeting?

You should first identify the theme of your meeting. Why are you having this meeting in the first place? What are the goals you wish to achieve? With what do you want your attendees to leave? These questions can get you started on your search for your keynote speaker. The answers can lead you on the path to finding one who will be relevant to the message you wish to send.

What Personality Do You Want to Portray?

How do you want to get your message across? Different speakers all have different personalities. Do you want to use someone who can deliver a message with humor? Or are you trying to motivate your attendees? Maybe you want someone who is an expert in your industry and you want someone who can deliver the facts in an informative and in-depth manner. Yet another option is to go the celebrity route, which gives you a famous name to use to draw more attendees.

How Has He or She Performed in the Past?

It is important to know how any potential keynote speaker has performed at past events. Check his or her website. Look at reviews from previous clients. Has he or she had a variety of satisfied customers? Try to get samples of previous work. If he or she is published, check out their writings. Or look for a recording of a past event so you can see just how the speaker interacted with the audience.

One major thing to look for is the speaker’s ability to engage the audience. You are going to want someone who can capture the attention of your attendees and keep it. You want them to drink in the message you are trying to send and remember it after they have left.

What is Your Budget?

When it comes to money, you get what you pay for, but you most certainly don’t want to break the bank. Some speakers, especially celebrities, are going to cost more than others. How much do you have to spend on your speaker? Is he or she willing to negotiate? Are you willing to spend a little bit more to get the person you want? It is also helpful to find out exactly what is included in the speaker’s fees, such as travel and accommodations.

When is Your Event?

Do you have a set date or can you be flexible? This can greatly aid in your search. If you have a set date for your event, you can weed out certain speakers who aren’t available on that particular day. If you are more flexible on dates, you can work with a desired speaker to find a date that works best for both of you.

You want your entire event to be a success. The right keynote speaker can greatly aid in achieving this. By following these few tips, you can start your search and make your event one to be remembered for a long time to come. MTI Events has decades worth of experience helping companies choose the right keynote speakers for their events. Contact us today and find out how we can help you plan all the details of your event, right down to the keynote speaker.