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Incentive Programs That Motivate Millennial Employees


Creating incentive programs for all generations across the workforce is important within any organization. But with millennials set to make up half of the global workforce by 2020, paying attention to this generation’s preferences may lead to successful employee retention and improved workplace productivity in the future.

Millennials tend to get a bad rap. They are often criticized for being self-absorbed and entitled. But, there is so much more to this often misunderstood generation. For instance, millennials are the most open-minded, culturally and socially aware generation today. More importantly, they value experience. They don’t spend much on material goods and getaways, but when they do, they shell out their money on what they see as worthy purchases, which often translate to experiences like a unique vacation abroad.

Want to Motivate Your Millennial Employees? Offer Them Travel Incentives

If you want to motivate millennials in your workplace, it is best that you consider their distinct outlook on life and factor this into your employee incentive programs. Millennials care about bonuses and raises to some degree, but if you really want to get their attention by offering an amazing incentive travel experience is the way to go. Here is why it is so effective

Meaningful Experiences

As the first generation to grow up with the internet and digital technology, millennials seem to not pay much attention to their surroundings. The truth, however, is that they embrace travel and exploration — and they crave new experiences.

If you want to offer travel incentives, consider travel packages that include unique activities or peculiar tours that give your employees a chance to try something new and gain a different perspective on life.

Get in Touch with the Locals

To see the world in a different light, millennials like to get in touch with the locals when traveling. So instead of offering typical touristy adventures as employee rewards, give your staff travel incentives that involve more authentic experiences; one that allows the traveler to see and experience things the way the locals do. Millennials want to eat what the locals eat and hang out in places where locals usually go, as well as discover hidden gems in their exotic destination.

Travel Outside the Comfort Zone

Millennials are open to a diversity of lifestyles – and they bring this attitude along with them when they travel. They want to have firsthand experiences of different cultures even if it means traversing unknown terrain or staying in bungalows and hostels instead of hotels. So, don’t focus too much on luxury when drafting your travel incentives.

Millennials Desire to Make the World a Better Place

In line with traveling outside of their comfort zone, millennials have a strong desire to make the world a better place, especially when traveling. Many young professionals are interested in visiting new places where they can have a meaningful vacation by volunteering in local communities. Voluntourism has become one of the fastest growing travel trends today.

If your organization participates in a volunteer program once or twice a year, why don’t you tie it up with travel incentives to inspire your millennial employees to work even harder?

We live in a changing society, so trends will probably fade in the next decade or so. Right now, however, travel incentives that combine authentic experiences, voluntourism, and a just bit of luxury appeal to millennials — the generation of workers that plays a huge part in growing the American economy.

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