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How to Plan a Milestone Event for Your Company

How to Plan a Milestone Event for Your Company

Your company reaching a milestone year is a big deal, and it’s one that deserves to be celebrated. When you reach a milestone year, you are showing not only your clients but your employees as well, that you are a successful business that has been trustworthy and successful. While you can celebrate any year, reaching a milestone (25, 50, or even 100 years) deserves something special. To do so, your big milestone event requires special planning. Here are a few tips on how to do it right.

Plan at Least a Year in Advance

While it might seem silly now, in order to plan an excellent milestone event, you need to start planning early. And by early, you may want to consider at least a year or two in advance. By doing so, you can give yourself the time you need to plan a killer event, get a great marketing strategy in place, and get the information out promptly. You can also use the planning phase to get your employees involved and help to bolster their sense of pride in their job. Your guests will take notice of this pride, and it will help to reflect positively on your image.

Make It Fit Your Company’s Culture

One of the most important parts of planning great milestone events for your company is to make the occasion fit who YOU are as a business. After all, if your event has nothing to do with you, your product or the message you portray, you are only going to leave your guests confused. For example, when we celebrated our 30th-anniversary last summer, we wanted to stick to our roots by making it a Kansas City affair, complete with a Royals game and a dinner at one of the finest restaurants in the city.

Another crucial part of making the event fit your company’s culture is who you invite. For example, if you have specific clients that you serve on a regular basis, you should consider bringing them in to celebrate. After all, without them, you never would have reached your milestone year in the first place.

Location Matters

Where you host your milestone event matters. You want to make sure the location is big enough to hold everyone you want to invite. Otherwise, you may end up with a cramped, uncomfortable space and no one will enjoy themselves. Take a look at a few event spaces near where you plan on hosting your party before making your final decision. Make sure there are hotels nearby for any guests who don’t live in town and make sure that there is plenty of parking (or a valet service available). You should also make sure that the time is right, and you won’t be interfering with any major holidays.

Book Vendors

What’s a party without food and entertainment? And if you’re having a big bash, you don’t want to have to worry about providing all of that. Leave it to the professionals. Find out the policies of the event space you have booked. Do they provide catering, a bar, or entertainment? If not, what protocol do you need to follow to have what you need to be brought in? If you do need to book your own caterers and entertainment, do your research. Like your event space, check out several of each before making a final decision. And with caterers, make sure you find one who can provide you with plenty of options, just in case you have guests who have certain dietary restrictions. Little details like these will make your milestone event one for the ages.

Reaching a milestone in your company is no small feat, and you deserve to celebrate. And if you need help in any phase of your milestone event planning, MTI Events is here to assist you. Contact us today so we can start planning your milestone event!