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Exclusive Adventure Travel Planning

For some, vacation means adventure! For those people, they live for action sports in faraway places with spectacularly diverse environments. They long to see untamed rivers, fuming volcanoes, and mist-shrouded mountains. The tattered destination maps on their walls have push pins in places most people would deem inhospitable. But to them, that’s where adventure begins. If this is the kind of trek you or your group is looking to outfit and undertake, MTI Events Adventure Travel can get you there and back.

Have the Experience of a Lifetime

Ever thought about taking a biking tour of Costa Rica? Want to canoe with hippos in the Zambezi? Perhaps you’d like to take a group to run with the bulls in Pamplona? Let MTI Events Adventure Travel be your guide. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime – and never have to worry about where you’ll be sleeping, eating, or gathering for a few celebratory drinks at the end of the day. MTI Events will handle the details.

We Specialize in Adventure

MTI Events Adventure Travel has been in the travel and destination business since 1986. We’ve made arrangements for travelers and groups to all points across the globe. We’re the experts when it comes to getting you and your group there and back again. So, go ahead – ask us about hot air ballooning over vineyards in Europe or bungee-jumping at Victoria Falls in Africa or hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru or Heli-Skiing in the Rockies.

At MTI Events, we specialize in adventure. Your journey starts here. Bring your whole crew. We’ll put you right in the middle of the action.

Adventure Travel Services

MTI Events Adventure Travel Services include:

    • Arranging transportation to/from airports, hotels, locations, venues
    • Negotiating with venue for best prices on accommodations, food, entertainment
    • Securing accommodations for groups of any size
    • Booking airline tickets and coordinating transfers
    • Shipping any supplies or equipment needed
    • Planning activities and events for your group
    • Arrangement of security, outdoor safety if needed
    • Hiring of local guides and translators
    • Passport and visa assistance (if required)
    • Fedora hats and bullwhips available upon request

At MTI Events, we can cover all the details of your next great adventure abroad. Contact us or call MTI Events at 913-438-2600 and speak to an adventure travel services planner today.