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Adventure Travel: Biking Costa Rica

Biking in Costa Rica

If you’re an avid cyclist with a longing for different roads and trails, you may want to consider taking a biking tour of Costa Rica. For mountain bikers and road bikers alike, Costa Rica presents a rich landscape of rain forests, waterfalls, villages, hot springs, pristine beaches, mangrove estuaries, and coffee, papaya, and pineapple plantations. Those who have made the trek say that Costa Rica is a unique biking and touring experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

What Can We Do There?

For bikers and trail riders of all skill levels, the landscape across Costa Rica is strewn with a multitude of trails that will thrill and amaze with every turn. With its many jungles, national parks, rain forests, and plantations, you’ll have a ground-level view of the terrain and all its flora and fauna. The country is home to 1,400 species of orchids, 1,200 species of butterflies, 200 species of reptiles, and nearly 900 bird species. Quite simply, it’s a paradise for bikers.

What’s It Like?

The climate in this Central American country is largely tropical, which results in an incredible amount of bio diversity (hint: you’ll hate yourself if you forget to bring your camera). There are 26 National Parks that include rainforests, tropical forests, marine areas, and wetlands. Of particular interest to biking travelers may be Arenal Volcano National Park and the Manuel Antonio National Park. And make sure to leave your iPod in your gear bag, because as you bike across Costa Rica, you’ll hear waterfalls crashing, howler monkeys roaring, and birdsongs unlike any other on planet Earth.

What Are the Logistics?

To outfit a biking trek through Costa Rica, you’ll need a seasoned adventure travel planning company (like MTI Events in Kansas City). A biking tour of Costa Rica requires travel arrangements from the U.S. to Costa Rica – including airline tickets for all participants, shipping considerations for the gear, and vans or busses to get your crew from the airport to the first destination. If you’re an avid biker and wish to bring your own wheels, your adventure travel planner can ensure that your bike is packed, shipped, and re-assembled and tuned for the tour. And when you’re biking, your adventure travel planner will make sure that there are plenty of accommodations along the route, as well as food and rehydration stops along the way. In addition, a well-planned biking trek through Costa Rica includes arrangements for a separate vehicle on the tour that moves luggage to each hotel stop along the route.

Costa Rica Facts for Travelers

Location: Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, with the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
Climate: Tropical and sub-tropical, with a rainy season from May to November.
Language: Spanish (official) and English
Population: 4.3 million
Currency: Costa Rican colón
U.S. Embassy: Embassy of the United States, Costa Rica

How Do We Get There?

Let MTI Events Adventure Travel be your guide. At MTI Events, we can cover all the details and logistics for a great biking adventure across Costa Rica. Call MTI Events at 800-826-3464 and speak to an adventure travel services planner today. At MTI Events, we specialize in adventure. We can get you there.


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