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Incentive Trips Are Not Just For The Corporate Office Anymore


Many people mistakenly believe that incentive trips are reserved for  corporate employees but nothing could be further from the truth. Companies can utilize incentive trips as a way to motivate their warehouse workers, freight drivers, and production teams. With a bit of planning, you can put together a fantastic incentive trip that rewards workplace safety, meeting production quotas, and making deliveries in an efficient, timely manner. 

Healthy Competition in the Workplace is Fun and Beneficial

Incentive trips spur competition in the workplace and everyone loves a good-natured game. It is fun to compete against fellow employees in the hopes of winning a prize. This competition builds performance, encourages workplace safety, and increases production. Almost always, the mood of employees is improved dramatically when there is a bit of competition in place. This improvement in workplace morale creates a positive, productive workplace.

Incentive Trips Promote a Positive Workplace Environment

The motivation spurred by providing incentive trips to employees is undeniable. It gives them a purpose to forge ahead. Let’s be honest, in the long run, their success is also the success of your company. Another consideration is the fact that when you have happy, satisfied employees then they will perform at a peak level and your company will reap the gains.

If you have employees who perform manual labor and work with heavy machinery you can center incentive rewards around reducing workplace injuries. This will not only make employees think twice about taking extra steps towards following proper safety protocol, but also save you the headaches involved with preventable damages.

Perks of Incentive Trips

As you may already know, incentive trips provide a ton of benefits. Here are a few perks to offering incentive trips to your employees:

  • Motivation: The plain and simple truth is that a great vacation or getaway is going to motivate your employees to outperform their previous thresholds. When trips are used to encourage employees, sales and profits usually rise for the company.
  • Public Recognition: If your company regularly offers incentive trips then it is only a matter of time before the employee benefits of working for your company come to light and you gain public recognition. Depending on the type of business you run, public recognition can be invaluable in gaining new clients and spurring sales. All of this boils down to an increased profit for the company with a good bit of publicity on the side.
  • Build Pride: Recognizing your top performers helps build pride in the workplace. An employee that feels appreciated and valued will continue to put forth effort in their career and stay with your company longer. This reduces turn over and provides a more stable work environment.

Consider Employee Finances When Offering Incentive Trips

When working out the details of your incentive travel perks you need to consider the employees who will be receiving the trips and their financial health. A travel incentive trip that does not include sufficient prepaid perks may still be out of the budget for some of your employees.

To make this appeal to workers in all salary brackets, you will need to make sure that the employees who receive the trips can afford to enjoy their reward. A fully-hosted trip is mandatory to make sure that your employees can enjoy the getaway and not worry about expenses. There are inexpensive ways to create a fun-filled rewarding incentive trip that will last in the memories of your employees for years to come

Overall, incentive trips have been shown to improve workplace safety while increasing profits and improving production. They are a fun way to give back to your employees and show that you appreciate their hard work and dedication!

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