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Inventive Trade Show Freebie Ideas People Will Actually Want

Tradeshow Freebie Ideas People Will Actually Take | MTI Events

Participating in trade shows can be a great way for your business to get noticed and attract more business. The economic benefits of working at a trade show can far surpass many other types of marketing… but only if it’s done correctly. Here are a few tricks of the trade to get you and your brand off the ground and outshining the competition by providing attendees with trade show freebies they will actually be excited about.

Start Brainstorming Trade Show Freebie Ideas Early

Look for your perfect trade show freebie now, even if you have months until your next show. Some products take longer to ship, and if you need to add custom logo and branding, this adds to the order time. If you are doing a trade show in another city, consider shipping directly to that city to save you time, effort and money moving the goods from one place to another.

Essential Elements of a Trade Show Freebie

No matter how cool your trade show freebie item is, if it is not branded with your logo or company name, then you are missing a huge marketing opportunity and tons of exposure. Keeping your product lightweight and cost-effective will give you the most bang for your buck. While some of the more expensive giveaway items might seem cooler and more impactful, part of the trick is learning how to stretch your dollars further by finding something cost-effective but will still give you a huge amount of exposure due to its usefulness.

The best type of swag items are ones that provide value. Pens and business cards get handed out like candy at the shows so make your business stand out with your giveaway. Think of items that people might need at the conference but might have been forgotten at home. This could be as basic as a branded care package complete with aspirin, a small snack, and bandages.

Draw a Crowd

Be fun! If your best salesmen are personable, use that to your advantage and showcase their talents. Turn your booth into an experience. The more people that spend time at your booth will help draw a bigger and bigger crowd. Add to their user experience through your communication with the customers and the attractiveness of your booth. It should go without saying, but a clean and brightly displayed booth gets more visitors throughout the day. Make your booth interactive by adding touch screens or a product that they can try out right then and there to keep them at your booth for a longer period of time.

You could also host a game or contest at your booth as a way to rise above the sea of other vendors. Creating a fun game that centers around your product will generate tons of buzz and excitement around your booth, creating a memorable and impactful experience that will last long after they return home.

Trade Show Freebie Ideas to Excite a Crowd

Finding that perfect giveaway idea isn’t easy, but we have come up with a few to get you on your way.

Wellness Focus for the Health-Conscious

Wellness items that can be used at home or in the office such as:

  • Personal massages to release some of the office stress
  • Lip balm, hand sanitizers, or first aid kits
  • Pedometer
  • Back stretcher or shoehorn

Stuff They’ll Use at Work Every Day

Things for the desk that will be seen every day:

  • Business card holders
  • Post it notes
  • USBs
  • Desk organizers
  • Desktop plants

Have Freebie, Will Travel

Who doesn’t love something free that will benefit their on-the-go lifestyle? Some ideas for this can include:

  • Document holders
  • Sewing kits
  • Travel adapters
  • Travel-sized games

For the Technologically Inclined

Everyone can benefit from technology upgrades like:

  • Computer duster/cleaner
  • Phone screen cleaner
  • Powerbank
  • 2-in-one charging bank

Stand Out from the Crowd

The ideas are endless! Just remember, your objective is to stand out and be original while still marketing your business. And after all your planning and money spent, do not commit the biggest faux pas and forget to follow up with your new clients!

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