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MTI Events for Tradeshow Planning

The event planners at MTI Events know that tradeshows are an extraordinarily effective promotion and sales tool for businesses of any size. The most successful tradeshows begin with research and evaluations that allow the business or organization to target their audience and deliver a mutually-beneficial trade show program. Successful tradeshows also begin with clear goals in mind, allowing for a greater understanding as to levels of participation and expected outcomes.

The tradeshow planning process at MTI Events has been carefully developed to ensure that any trade show you require will draw the clients and prospects you wish to see.

How MTI Events Does Tradeshows

Our trade show development checklist includes:

• Establish trade show event objectives and desired outcomes.
• Locate a venue that will attract the greatest number of participants.
• Create a budget that is tied to business objectives.
• Develop a compelling theme that best presents your sales message.
• Facilitate the creation of an exhibit that attracts visitors.
• Contact trade show visitors, register attendees, distribute information.
• Accumulate door prizes for future distribution.
• Develop client invitations, directional signs, name tags, booth signs.
• Manage any food, A/V equipment, entertainment, or security needs.
• Staff registration tables, hand out name badges, literature and gift items.
• Monitor and re-stock drinks and food stations.
• Provide follow-up surveys.
• Clean up, disassemble, check out.

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