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Individual Incentive Programs

Individual incentive programs have a strong impact on your employee motivation, engagement and performance. Studies have also shown that a strong incentive program has a positive effect on your organizational culture and overall business results.

What is an Individual Incentive Program?

An individual travel incentive program is much like a group travel incentive. The difference is that the individual is not part of a managed group-travel program. You’d market it like: “Hit your sales goal and go to Jamaica!”

Individual travel incentives are also unique in that they can be custom-tailored to fit the company or organization, as well as the travel interests of the employees in the program. Winners can be eligible for travel awards ranging from a one-night stay in a hotel for two – to a seven-night luxury cruise. As the incentive program manager, MTI Events will provide the air travel and coordinate the resort, ship or hotel reservations. The employee and guest are then able to enjoy the travel experience on their own terms.

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MTI Events can develop an individual travel incentive program that meets your budget and bolsters employee productivity. Want more information on travel incentive programs? Contact us or call 913-438-2600 to speak to an MTI Events representative today.