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5 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress in the Workplace


The effects of stress on employees in the workplace has become an undeniable reality in modern society. A fast-paced work environment can take its toll on anyone. Many employers mistakenly believe it is acceptable to have some stress in the workplace, but the shocking stats reveal that employee involvement and function take a nosedive in such circumstances. An unhappy employee simply does not function properly, but how do you keep employees happy and stress-free?

Workplace Stress is Extremely Common

Everest College undertook a survey that revealed 83 percent of professionals are stressed out. They cited various work-related causes such as low pay, excessive work, lack of professional opportunities, choosing the wrong field, reduced job security, low pay, lack of adequate healthcare, and the inability to balance work with home life.

Business Productivity Suffers Due to Employee Stress

Stress in the workplace causes a loss of about $300 billion in productivity every year according to a recent report by Health Advocate. The research also revealed that 60 to 80 percent of accidents in the workplace are stress-related. Stress causes workers comp claims to escalate and costs employers significantly.

Technology and Stress

Technology such as computers, tablets, and smartphones are designed to make things easier for workers. With such perks, the workplace can run smoother. However, many employees feel left behind in the technological advances, and they become overly frustrated with the constantly changing tech world. A Princeton Research Associates report revealed that three out of four employees feel worse off then they were years ago as a direct result of tech advances.

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress

With stress rampant in the workplace, many employers are wondering what remedies might exist to improve overall employee morale and reduce stress.

1. Improve Wages

Reports have shown consistently that the majority of employees will leave their place of employment for as little as a 10 percent raise. Most workers are dissatisfied with their wages, and many hardly subsist in their personal lives. Worries about money often overshadow all other areas of life. Providing employees with livable wages and offering yearly cost-of-living raises shows that employer appreciates and values their hard work.

2. Offer Professional Development Courses

Employees definitely want to advance in the workplace so they can make more money and enjoy additional perks. Offering professional development courses are frequently are a great way to instill motivation and encourage your employees to learn new skills.

3. Give Opportunities for Advancement

Employees do not want to feel stuck with no way to advance. Such feelings of futility only lead to depression and increased stress. Providing employees with ample opportunities for advancement can reinvigorate a tired worker and push them to work harder.

4. Offer Incentives

Incentives are nice bonuses that are usually appreciated by workers. Offer an awesome incentive trip, gift cards, or some other incentive when a project is completed successfully. Perks are not only welcomed, but they also spur a person’s natural desire to win. Most workers also appreciate workplace wellness programs and other health resources.

5. Make Employees Feel Valued

Employees want to feel valued in the workplace, and all too often they are overlooked and devalued by employers. An employer must take an interest in their employees and view them as humans with intricate lives. Within the workplace, forming a network and genuine comradery create feelings of value. Leaders should know how to talk to your employees and effectively motivated them.

The effects of stress in the workplace are undeniable. A good employer will work to form an easy-going atmosphere that is conducive to production, but also an enjoyable experience for all workers.

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