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Tips for Keeping Employees Happy and Motivated


If you assume that the only way to keep your employees engaged and motivated is to give them an annual raise or bonus, you are dead wrong. Sure, monetary rewards and incentives are hugely motivating, and what employee wouldn’t have a big smile on their face after seeing a nice bonus on their paycheck? But when it comes to maintaining employee happiness, shared experiences can create sustained, versus short-lived, happiness.

Why are shared experiences among the team members so powerfully influential in creating a happy and motivated workplace? People spend the bulk of their waking hours in the presence of their co-workers, a secondary family that clocks more together time than most immediate families.

Different workplace cultures exist, from casual and laid back to suit-and-tie traditional environments. While different activities can motivate in different ways, one constant motivational tool is the bonding impact of the employee field trip, outing, or group activity. Having happy, motivated employees has shown to increase productivity and revenue.

With this in mind, here are some great ideas that will lead to happy, motivated employees:

Promote Workplace Wellness

Giving employees frequent breaks, having healthy snacks in the office, and possibly offering mental health days off are all great ways to promote health in the work place. Why not take it a step further and plan a company-wide yoga or dance class after hours? You could also plan a health challenge where employees train for a 5k race and see who has the best race time. Promoting health in the workplace tends to be an after thought, but will result in happier, healthier employees.

Wellness Incentive Trips

Offering a spa retreat, yoga retreat, or wellness retreat as an incentive to increase employee motivation is a win-win for all. A classy, upscale retreat that offers premium spa services, excursions, and amenities will spark enthusiasm among the employees and have lasting motivational effects. The added bonus of attaining new healthy habits, learning relaxation techniques, and practicing self-care can improve their overall health, as well as increase workplace attendance rates. This is one of the many creative ways to reward your employees for all of their hard work.

National Parks Will Inspire Your Employees

Why not create a special event to visit one of the wonders of the world located right here in the USA? Depending on the location of the company, select from the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone National Park, or any one of several other outstanding natural wonders to visit as a group adventure. Plan some fun excursions—river rafting, horseback riding, trail hikes, etc.—and select the nicest lodgings to make this trip a memorable one for employees.

Send Employees to Relevant Events and Conferences

This may not sound like much fun, but it could be exactly what your employees need to better understand your business and discover fresh new tools and techniques to take back to the office. Be sure to check out reviews from different events and conferences thrown in previous years and send your workforce to the ones you feel would be most beneficial to them and your company overall. If you can get in contact with the right people your company could set up a booth at the event to incorporate your brand and do a little bit of networking!

People who experience special places or events together instantly create a shared camaraderie and bond that follows them back to the workplace. Get creative in conjuring up a short list of amazing adventures that will inspire your staff. Consider it a valid cost of doing business that will pay off in spades with increased employee productivity, loyalty, and retention.

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