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6 New Ways to Reward High-Performing Employees


Pay raises and promotions are often used as incentives to reward high-performing employees. But money isn’t always the magic bullet to employee happiness. There are other creative ways to reward your top performers and keep spirits up within the company:

Work-From-Home Incentives

Providing work-from-home incentives allow employees to unwind while still contributing to the business. Don’t worry about productivity. A two-year Stanford study revealed that employees working from home are more productive than those who clock in and out of the office.

With work-from-home incentives, you not only reward your top performers but also help them maintain a good work-life balance; which is a great way to keep employees inspired and motivated.

Higher Education Tuition Coverage

Higher education is undoubtedly valuable to many employees, but it’s a privilege that not everyone can afford. So why don’t you offer it as a reward? Starbucks, for instance, offers a College Achievement Plan, a program that provides full tuition coverage to its eligible employees who want to earn a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online education program.

Gym Membership and Other Health Services

More people want to be healthy and fit nowadays. Rewarding high-performing workers with a company-paid gym membership and other health services that aren’t included in their medical benefits package shows them that you care about their health and well-being.

Looking for ideas on health services you can offer as incentives? Consider yoga classes and spa services. You can also conduct a survey among your workers to see which wellness services they would want as a reward.

Preferred Office Parking

If you have office parking, your employees probably fight for prime spots every day. Reward someone who’s exceeded his or her monthly or quarterly goal with a private, named parking space. This way, he or she never has to fight for the space they want again. It may seem a simple reward, but most employees will compete for anything that makes the workday more convenient and less stressful.

Gas Cards

A free-gas incentive is too enticing to pass up. Like private office parking spaces, gas cards are simple rewards, but they are something that everyone can use. When employees receive a $50 gas card, they eliminate an expense that was already budgeted for, which they can now spend that money on other things.

Travel Incentive Programs

Offering an all-expenses-paid trip as an incentive is a great way to motivate your staff to be more productive. After all, the allure of travel is universal. No matter your industry, most of your employees will likely be motivated by a new travel experience. Plus when they return after the trip, most employees feel more relaxed, happier, and eager to work.

Don’t worry about a travel incentive being too costly. When planned and executed correctly, travel reward programs for employees can be a budget-friendly and effective performance improvement strategy.

Employee satisfaction is essential to your company’s daily productivity and overall success. It’s crucial to offer incentives that excite and inspire your workers to render service beyond what’s expected of them.

Want to learn more about employee incentive programs? Get in touch with us today. We’re ready to create custom reward programs for your greatest assets.

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