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Be a Better Leader: 5 Tips to Inspire Employees


Employee satisfaction is a key contributing factor when it comes to the success of any business. As a leader, it’s up to you to find ways to keep your employees feeling content, motivated, and engaged.

On its own, the day-to-day grind can be monotonous and unstimulating. Successful leaders make it a priority to find new and inspiring methods to motivate their people. This motivation can ultimately lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction which, in turn, helps companies become more successful.

Inspire Your Employees with These 5 Tips

Here are some tips on how to be a better leader and inspire your employees:

1. Be supportive, respectful, and encouraging

Boss-in-meeting-with-employees There are bound to be times when your employees will make mistakes. There will also be times they’ll do a great job and deliver work that is far better than you hoped for. How you deal with each of these situations can make all the difference when it comes to employee morale.

Keeping in mind that poor management is one of the top reasons employees leave their jobs, it’s important to take extra care in the way you treat your employees. While you would never want to simply ignore mistakes or missteps, you should approach these types of conversations as teaching opportunities to encourage growth.

When necessary, give constructive criticism in order to support your employees in their development, but also make it a point to acknowledge their successes and strengths. They’ll feel appreciated and be much more receptive to your suggestions and coaching.

2. Make your workplace a better place to be

There’s a definite science to the relationship between our surroundings and our mental state or mood. The atmosphere of your workplace should be one that inspires positive feelings and encourages mental stimulation and productivity.

Work atmosphere includes both the physical space and the overall energy of the environment. The latter is likely set by you, as a leader. With that in mind, be sure to start each day with plenty of positivity. You set the tone, so it’s important that you have a good attitude.

Encourage your employees to take breaks when they need them and try to have a few fun activities planned each month to promote a positive work culture.

In terms of the physical workplace, be sure to let natural light into your office so everyone gets their daily dose of Vitamin D. You can also keep music playing, and purchase fresh flowers or other seasonal decorations to keep things interesting and fun.

3. Offer in-house promotions

An employee without a goalpost or plan for the future is likely to be an unmotivated one. Keep your employees striving for growth and improvement by promoting from within.

When employees are able to map out a future of personal success within your company, they’re less likely to become complacent in a position, biding their time until retirement. Opportunity and healthy competition are great motivators. With something to look forward to, and the promise of future rewards, your employees will likely be more inspired and positive overall.

4. Flexible scheduling

In today’s world, flexibility is becoming more important than ever. Technology has made the possibility of remote work a reality for more and more people, and employees want to take advantage. In a recent study, 46 percent of respondents said flexibility is the top concern for them when job hunting.

Depending on the type of business you run, work-from-home options may not be possible for you. For those that do have this capability; being flexible with competent and trustworthy employees is a great way to promote overall job-satisfaction. If they can work in sweatpants once a week–let them.

For those that don’t have the option to offer any remote work options for their employees, flexibility is still possible and just as important.

Allow employees to have Fridays off (or leave early) in the summer, giving them an early start to their weekend and a few extra hours of sunshine. You can also offer flexibility throughout the year, starting later than usual on Monday’s or allowing employees to leave early during times when the workload is low.

All of these scheduling flexibilities encourage work-life-balance and promote emotional wellbeing. They also show that you care about your employees. Believe it or not, that goes a long way.

5. Offer rewards and incentives

Your employees aren’t just tools for getting a job done. They’re assets, and the more you take care of them, the better they’re likely to perform. Plus, if you’re making your people happy and offering them rewards for their hard work, they’ll be more likely to stick around with your business for the long haul.

Depending on the nature and structure of your business, along with what drives your employees, there are a number of different rewards and incentives you can offer. Whether it’s an extra commission, an incentive trip, gift cards, or just ordering office lunch, you should always be looking for ways to encourage your employees.

Find out what they like and give them something to be excited about.

6. Pay attention to your employees wants and needs

When it comes to determining what you should offer to motivate and inspire your employees, it is absolutely vital to have an in-depth understanding of their needs and wants. What motivates your people? This answer varies.

While some people might be motivated by gift cards or commission, others might be driven by time away from the office. If you don’t ask, you might be offering incentives that your employees have no interest in, which is a huge waste of time.

Take the time to get to know your employees. Learn what matters to them and adjust accordingly.

This is true in all areas of your business. Talk to your employees and find out what concerns they have, identifying any potential problems before they escalate and result in turnover. Most people just want to be heard, so they’ll appreciate it and take note of the extra effort on your part. Ultimately, you’ll uncover information that you can use to make your company better and more successful.

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