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How an Incentive Vacation Will Boost Your Sales

Incentive Vacation

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Especially if you work in sales, the work can be stressful and anyone can get easily get lost in it. A vacation is a great opportunity for anyone, especially your sales team, to unwind, de-stress, relax, and re-focus.

Not everyone can afford to go on vacation, though, even if your company offers paid vacation time. Everyone on your sales team deserves the opportunity to take a vacation. But what if we told you that you can motivate, unite, and inspire your sales team while improving your bottom line…all at the same time? It’s time to offer an incentive vacation to your sales team with an incentive program.

What is a Sales Team Incentive Program?

A sales team incentive program is used to recognize and reward hard working members of your sales force. This incentive can be any number of things. You can give an employee-of- the-month award for best overall attitude and sales. You can reward someone for highest sales with a gift card to a nice restaurant. Or, you can offer your employees a vacation. When it comes to sales team incentives, you’ll find that an incentive vacation is an especially successful motivator that will benefit your company as a whole. Your sales team gets a much needed break, you’ll have a team of happier, less stressed workers, and you’ll see profits skyrocket.

Motivate Your Sales Force with an Incentive Vacation

It’s just a fact of human nature: when people see a tangible goal, they become much more motivated to perform. Who wouldn’t want to increase their sales numbers to get a week-long vacation to a place they might not otherwise be able to afford? More motivation leads to greater productivity. Greater productivity then leads to higher earnings, because motivated employees make more money for the company.

Inspire Loyalty

A sales team incentive program can also create more loyal employees. Working toward something that will benefit your employees will make them more likely to stay with your company. This leads to a lower turnover rate. Your employees feel more appreciated, more a part of the business, when they are recognized and rewarded for excellence. A lower turnover also saves your company money, as you are not constantly investing in the necessary training for new employees.

Unite Your Team

When you use a sales team incentive travel program, there is a greater chance that you’ll see a greater increase in teamwork. The team is given a goal and it can only be achieved if they are able to successfully work together. Thus, it creates a sense of camaraderie. Your team is now working for the greater good, so they are likely to put aside their differences and come together. Team incentives create better bonds between co-workers, their managers and even the business owners. There is a unification, when everyone is working toward the same thing. You’ll essentially create a more efficient, much more pleasant, work environment for everyone. With everyone working so well together, there is also a good chance you will see an increase in productivity, and therefore an increase in profits.

Stress and tension in your sales team can quickly pull your business under. These negative factors decrease productivity and employee satisfaction. Don’t let that happen to you! By promoting an incentive vacation to your sales team you’ll quickly see positive results that benefit everyone. Consider offering your employees an incentive vacation as a reward for their hard work and everyone will benefit and be much happier.

MTI Events can help you plan and implement a successful incentive vacation for your sales team. We’ll handle the program details, plot out the entire vacation from start to finish, and make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the duration of your trip. Contact us today to find out how you can improve sales with an incentive vacation!

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