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Winning Product Launches

From a sales perspective, an effective product launch event educates, informs and creates excitement so that your sales staff returns to their offices ready to sell the new product. From the product marketing side, your launch event makes certain that your customers can’t wait to buy.

As professionals in the event planning business, MTI Events knows that every product launch event should generate excitement, get people talking. Timing is everything. But hype is more important.

Staging a Product Launch

At MTI Events, we help companies of all sizes plan and design winning product launches. Our product launch events team will help your staff match new product capabilities to specific markets, develop clear product positions, define messaging, set solid launch goals, leverage the media, and execute your launch with perfect timing.

One of the greatest secrets of a winning product launch is in building excitement and creating a demand for your product or service before it is readily available to the buying public. By staging a product launch event in which a select number of attendees gain information and access to your soon-to-be-released product or service, you help to fuel the feeding frenzy among their peers and contemporaries.

A great product launch also stems from the efforts of a number of different stakeholders. Your Sales Team, Channel or Vendor Partners, Executive Staff, and Support Team should all be on-hand to help launch attendees and industry analysts understand the full scope of your new product.

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