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Planning Services for Corporate Training Meetings

A corporate training meeting differs from sales meeting and regular corporate gatherings in that training meetings are highly-specialized events with specific meeting topics. Most corporate training meetings involve product demonstrations and require specific equipment to be on-hand.

As a corporate events and meetings planner, MTI Events knows that one of the biggest challenges facing the meeting developer is in handling the delivery, receiving and set-up for the training products or equipment.

How We Create Successful Training Meetings

One of our strengths is our flexibility and our creativity in handling product and equipment for our clients. Correct display and usage of equipment during the course of the training meeting will set a productive meeting apart from a disastrous meeting. In almost every case, product professionals have one chance to effectively train employees and sales staffers on new products, programs or systems.

Size Does Matter

A device small enough to fit in the palm of your hand can be made a significant focal point with the right techniques and preparation. Something as large as a truck can be brought in to the venue and displayed for all to see. Additionally, some training meetings have locations and frequency that necessitate an amount of product storage space throughout various regions. Often these meeting are scheduled by their specific region, so that out meeting planners can store the product between meetings and ship when required.

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At MTI Events, we’re experts in product positioning, layout and timing because we know that our clients have a lot riding on their company training meetings. MTI Events can plan and manage a training meeting that meets your budget. Contact us or call 913-438-2600 and speak to an MTI Events representative today.