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MTI Events Stewardship Service Programs

At MTI Events, we have seen a growing trend towards corporate stewardship service programs that coincide with employee incentive trips and corporate meetings. More and more, our corporate clients are making donations of their time and their money to churches and other nonprofit organizations in economically depressed or ravaged areas of the country. We’ve seen company employees from all areas of the corporation with hammers in their hands and sweat on their brow – laboring together to rebuild playgrounds, clean up parks, build houses and barns, and prepare and serve hot food for those who so desperately need a meal.

The Importance of a Stewardship Program

Stewardship is a chance for all of us to be part of something greater than ourselves, give back to our communities, and let our employees and customers know that our great strength comes only from what we are prepared to do during a call to service.

As an events planner, MTI Events understands that this trend toward community service is good for the group, the client, and the recipient. As such, MTI Events enjoys being a partner to our corporate clients in helping them design and develop stewardship service programs around their usual company events.

MTI Events coordinates efforts with a number of suppliers, parks departments, churches and shelters to make all the proper arrangements for your next stewardship service program. We help promote those vendors and suppliers that are cognizant of “green initiatives” and who are willing to work with client culture and budget.

Contact Us

For more information about what your company can do, contact us or call 913-438-2600 and speak to a stewardship planner today.