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MTI Events for Customer Appreciation Events

Much like a trade show, customer appreciation events put company execs or sales staffers in front of a high-value client to recognize and honor their relationship to the organization.

Customer appreciation events strengthen relationships and create barriers to entry for competitors. The events planners at MTI Events are well-versed in creating events that fit any budget or business need. We’ll facilitate the event planning process, coordinate with the attendees, and handle of all the logistics so that you can focus on the needs of your special client.

Our Top 10 Greatest Customer Appreciation Events

Over the years, we’ve planned and executed numerous customer appreciation events. Here are our top 10 favorites that might inspire your next event!

  1. Ballgame or NASCAR tailgate party
  2. After-hours barbecue
  3. Fishing or hunting events
  4. Wine or whisky tasting parties
  5. Golf tournaments
  6. Pit crew competitions
  7. Poker nights
  8. Spa days
  9. Sporting events
  10. Overnight getaways

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Customer appreciation events are built trust, respect and ensure longevity and prosperity for your business and customers. MTI Events will help you plan an event they’ll always remember. Contact us or call 913-438-2600 and speak to an events planner today.