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5 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid on Incentive Trips

Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Taking a group of employees on a trip means a lot of fun is to be had. Exploring new locations, immersing yourselves in the local culture, experiencing new adventures…the whole trip is filled to the brim with excitement. But in our many years of group travel incentive planning, we’ve noticed a lot of travel mistakes that people make. Here are the most common travel mistakes you and your team should avoid on your next company adventure.

#5. Loose Change

Getting through airport security takes time, and is often the source of significant stress. Little things you might not even think about waste time as you try to get through the metal detector, including the loose change in your pocket. Making sure that your pockets are cleaned out before you even get to the airport helps to save time. Dressing for the occasion can greatly help to expedite the process, including wearing slip-on shoes, minimizing jewelry and avoiding clothes with metal clasps or buttons.

#4. Packing Meds in Checked Luggage

Keeping the number of items you have in your carry-on bag is a good idea for reducing the amount of weight you will need to lug around the airport and on the plane. However, there are certain items that should never go in your checked luggage. One of these items is any prescription medication you take. Don’t just keep a day’s worth and check the rest. Bring the entire bottle with you. Things happen when you fly, and sometimes luggage gets lost. It can sometimes take a few days before you get it back. Keeping something so important with you at all times will help to avoid serious health consequences.

#3. Giving Valuables to Sky Cab

Your valuables should never leave your own hands. While you want to be able to trust the employees at an airport, there are some people out there who are dishonest. There are also people who will impersonate airport employees just to take advantage of weary, confused travelers. Keeping the bag with your valuables (money, phone, identification, travel documents, passport) with you at all times reduces the risk that someone will try to run off with them, leaving you with nothing.

#2. Taking Your Passport Everywhere

Your passport has one function: it allows you to get on the plane to travel to a different country and then allows you to return home. While it might be tempting to keep your passport in the bag, you carry while sightseeing, doing so increases the chances that it can get lost or stolen, making travel home difficult. Keep your passport, along with other valuables you may not want to wander around with, in your hotel room’s safe. It also won’t hurt to have copies of your passport and driver’s license handy, just in case.

#1. Bringing Lots of Liquids on the Plane

It might be tempting to travel with water bottles or your own toiletries, but the TSA has strict regulations regarding the liquids that can be brought on the plane. You can only bring liquids in 3 oz. bottles, and the bottles MUST be sealed in a clear plastic bag. If you are unsure of what can and cannot be brought on the plane, you can always consult the TSA’s website.

Traveling to a new place should be fun, but making common travel mistakes can really bring the trip down. By avoiding these common travel mistakes, you and your employees will be sure to have a memorable time.

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