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How to Choose a Corporate Event Theme

How To Choose A Corporate Event Theme

Planning a corporate event is no small task. Even if you’re working with a professional event planner, there are still many details that will need your stamp of approval. One of the first things you’ll have to decide is the theme you want for your event. A corporate event theme not only gives your event structure, but it’s an effective means of inspiring your attendees with your message and giving them a memorable experience. Here are a few tips for choosing the theme for your next event.

Review Your Meeting Goals

What’s the ultimate goal of your meeting? What message do you want to impart to your attendees? Whether it’s a fundraiser or an annual conference, outline what you hope to achieve with this particular event. Identify the key messages that you see coming to the surface. This will give you a launching-off point for figuring out how to get more specific with your theme. Eventually you’ll have to incorporate your key messages into your theme, so you have to make sure that your message can be easily incorporated into whatever theme you choose.

Consider the Nature of the Event

A formal fundraiser that seeks to impress important donors won’t require the same type of theme as your annual retreat. Again, keep in mind your key messages and overall goals. Are you rewarding your employees for a great sales year? Are you hosting a golf tournament for prospective investors? Are you launching a new product? All of these things need to be taken into consideration as you choose your theme.

Consider Your Audience

Who’s going to be attending this event? Important donors/investors? Employees? Employees and their families? What’s the age range of your guest list? Think about what would be relevant to them and what they might enjoy. If you’ve had past events and had your guests complete surveys, review the feedback and determine what worked and what didn’t from previous year’s themes.

Develop a Tagline

If you’re struggling to come up with a good corporate event theme, a tagline can help pinpoint how to pick a theme. A tagline boils down your key, overarching messages to just one concise statement. Even if you don’t end up using the tagline, having it during your planning period can help you focus and make important decisions around it.

Get Inspiration

Look online or on websites like Pinterest to see what other organizations have done to get inspiration for your own corporate event theme. See what’s trending, what event themes guests have loved and, better yet, what attendees hated. Learn from other people’s mistakes as well as their successes.

Be Ready to Commit

No matter what theme you choose for your event, be ready to commit! The best themes are those that don’t have to be explained and that are obvious from the moment your attendees walk in the door. This means being consistent with your theme all throughout the event in regards to decor, dress code, music, food, etc., and appropriately weaving in your message where necessary.

Choosing a corporate event theme might stress you out, which is why the creative and experienced event planners at MTI Events are ready to help you develop yours! We can help you discover your key messages as well as what theme will be the most memorable and exciting for your guests.

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  1. I like the advice to think about who will be at the event. Particularly if families and their kids will be attending. For example, I don’t think that small children would have as much fun playing golf as their parents would. I don’t think the adults would have as much fun as they would if their children weren’t there.

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