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Tequila, Peacocks & The Center of Mexico at Aguascalientes

Meeting Planning in Aguascalientes, Mexico

The city of Aguascalientes in Mexico is a quaint area located at the center of the country. At first glance, it seems as though nothing is located in the area. However, once you begin to take notice of this city’s distinct charm and ambiance, you will find a host of things to do and see. MTI Events just recently planned a business meeting for a company in this area and much fun was had by all. Learn more about the area and the event below.

Aguascalientes, The City of Hot Springs

The word Aguascalientes means “hot water” in Spanish, with the area being named this due to the plethora of hot springs located in this portion of the country. An old city, Aguascalientes was founded in 1575 and still carries a distinct colonial European flair. No matter what you enjoy doing, Aguascalientes provides a large selection of activities to enjoy. There are many museums in the area to visit including the Museo Jose Guadalupe Posada which features the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada who is considered to be the founder of modern art in Mexico.

Travelers who enjoy the outdoors will have a wonderful time visiting the public gardens and parks of Aguascalientes. El Encino is located in the same area as the Jose Guadalupe Posada museum, surrounded by restaurants and a church. There are also parks in the area where visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty. These parks include Parque Hidalgo and Parque Mexico.

There are also many architectural wonders in this area of Mexico ready for exploration. Visit the Municipal Palace, a building created from the red volcanic stone and known for its hundreds of elaborate arches. Travel to the El Jardin de los Palacios, the Palace Gardens, where you can see a beautiful fountain on display that honors the artist Jesus F. Contreras.

A Successful Business Meeting in the Heart of Mexico

MTI Events specializes in creating unique events for businesses and corporations. The business meeting we planned in Aguascalientes for a large company was no exception. We took great care to get to know the area to provide the right entertainment and ambiance that our clients were looking for, including a final event that was quite memorable.

With the final event, guests were able to enjoy a tequila tasting at the Tequila Hacienda. The hacienda was surrounded by colorful peacocks, which were fascinating to see up close! Attendees enjoyed tasting the many varieties of tequila on the lawn of the Hacienda while an expert guided them through the subtle differences between the different varieties. Drinking some of the finest tequila in Mexico while peacocks crowed into the fading twilight was an exceptional way to cap off a successful business meeting.

Educational, exotic, and unique, the trip to Aguascalientes provided attendees with an exceptional insight into this prosperous destination. We consider it a job well done that we were able to provide the company with an excellent event that attendees will remember for many years to come.

Considering working with MTI Events for your next business event? Contact us to discuss how we can help you plan an unforgettable experience for your employees, prospective clients, or customers.

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